Arepa Map

Arepa Map

In honor of the International Arepa day we want to highlight the amazing work done by Ana Mercedes Pisano & Rodrigo Ascanio with their Areperas interactive map (

By going on their website, you can locate pretty much every arepa establishment in the world (from restaurants, to delivery services, to food trucks). So the next time you are traveling and craving an arepa, you can go on their site and locate the one nearest to you.

A few things we LOVED about browsing the mapArepa:

🌽There are “areperas” in 45 countries outside of Venezuela 🔥🔥
🌽The countries with the highest amount of areperas are: United States, Spain, Colombia, the UK and the Dominican Republic.
🌽 Surprisingly, countries which are located very far away from a geographic standpoint from Venezuela have also fallen head over heels for arepas; countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, Australia & Japan.

We are so proud of seeing the arepa triumph abroad, warming the hearts of people from all over the world. We are also happy to learn that Venezuelans who were forced to move abroad are now able to go right back to their childhood traditions from their home in Venezuela just by taking a bite of an arepa, regardless of where they are on the map🤗💙

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